Software Developer


Kia ora, I'm a Kiwi who's been around the sun a few times. I love creating art, games and software.

Vocal advocate for privacy and free and open source software.

Photographer, traveler and slackliner.


I've worked with a wide variery of technology and worn many hats.

Back-End / DevOps

In the last few years within the realm of K8s I have made use of modern tooling such as Helm and intergrated, managed and deployed Prometheus, Grafana, RabbitMq, Nginx, Python and .NetCore Microservices among others.


Making websites is what got me started, I have a keen eye for design and I am confident in my ability to create modern, light-weight and intuitive products. My strengths lie with Vue.js and Svelte.

Game Development

I've made some games with Unity and Godot.

Checkout my or Github.



Minimalist, fast and private way to share contact information.


Local multiplayer strategy game inspired by Labyrinth.


Shameless plug, but here's my QCard