Drawing of Arran

Kia ora, I'm a Kiwi who's been around the sun a few times. I love creating art, games and software.

Vocal advocate for privacy and free and open source software.

Photographer, traveler and slackliner.

⭐️ My Projects


Web Development

Minimalist, fast and private way to share contact information.


Game Development

Local multiplayer strategy game inspired by Labyrinth - Made with Godot


Game Development

A simple Idle game where the goal is to accumulate wealth exponentially by expanding a mining operation.


Linux Desktop

My reproducible Desktop Environment. Configuration files that I use across GNU/Linux installs

Can be automatically deployed with an Ansible role, Ergod.

Rofmoji 🤠

Linux Desktop

A simple script to quickly find and copy emoji, avaliable on the AUR

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