Current Project

I'm working on a game! Checkout my Twitter

Previous Projects

A collection of my previous projects, released and deceased

Beer Bottle Bash

A week long prototyping endeavor trying to flush out a concept I had a few years ago.

The Idea

You play as a standard beer bottle, your aim is to be the only one remaining - Smash or be smashed!

Lessons Learned
  • Vector and quaternion math
  • 3D Modeling in Blender
  • Some ideas just don't work.

Crowd Pleaser

A simple game designed, developed and deployed to the Google Play Store within a week.

This was a test I gave myself after failing to complete a bigger project, I wanted to fully realise a game from start to finish.

The Idea

Tap the screen to particpate in a stadium-wide 'Mexican Wave'! Jump up and flail your arms at the right time to win.

Roo's Small World

A 48HR Ludem Dare Game Jam submission with the theme Small World.

The Idea

Dodge bullets and jump on trespassers to score points in your small enclosure, distract the trespassers by putting the targets upright.

Idle Miner

The Task

Develop a clone of a popular Idle Game

The Challenge

Design an efficient and modular system to simulate a complex mineshaft containing upgradable mines with exponential wealth gains within 6 days.

Over The Top - Trench Warfare

WW1 Themed RTS Game with a focus on Trench Warfare

Simulate trench warfare - Command your units to dig trenches, man posts, attack and defend

Lessons Learned
  • A* Pathfinding
  • Steering Behaviors
  • Don't attempt to develop an RTS by yourself